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Haiti Earthquake – Serving to Help the World Balance Energy

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Do you remember the line in the movie Avatar when Jake was praying at the tree of souls for help to conquer the enemy? Neytiri told him that the goddess of Pandora does not take sides, rather honors the balancing of energy. Perhaps ther is some Truth in this.

Is it possible that the earthquake in Haiti is serving to balance the energy of the world. Haiti is a very poor, unempowered, low energy country. A friend went there on a church mission trip and I saw photo’s of the lovely people who had little in the way of  possessions  and struggled daily to survive. A moth ago, most of us probably did not give much thought about the people of Haiti. The earthquake has brought them to the headlines around the world.

And what is the world’s response? Those that have money, time, skills, desires to serve are pouring it into Haiti. The goddess that honors the balance of energy is blessing those who “have not” with the energy of those that “have.” And this spontaneous and heartfelt response is simply awesome! Haiti, once a low energy country is being replenished and supplied with more than they know what to do with. Once restored, they will be better able to move from survival to thriving.  The energy of the world is being balanced.

And what about the many souls that left in this devastating tragedy? Let’s bless them as they move from this world to the next. They have given themselves as service to help enrich their country and bring balance to the world.

If you made your 2010 intention to live a more balanced life, see what you can do to support relief in Haiti as part of your plan.


2 Responses to "Haiti Earthquake – Serving to Help the World Balance Energy"

I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!


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Glad this was helpful to you. I am curious, how did you do on your paper?

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