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The magic of changing seasons

Posted on: March 20, 2010

To day I am honoring the changing of the seasons with ceremony. I am so ready for the longer days, warmer weather, the Leo needs sun! I am shedding the things that have come up over the winter hibernation. My schedule allowed for some down time and I spent it reflecting on what is not working in my life and what is it that I want to pour my energy into growing and creating. Tonight at the ceremony I will plant the seeds that will grow these new ideas. I am excited to see where they will lead me. Spring is magical as I see all the new growth springing forth in my yard and in my life. I am ready to discover new adventures and what new magic I can experience.


3 Responses to "The magic of changing seasons"

I decided to do this same thing tomorrow out on our deck, in the fresh air, with all the glorious sounds of nature. As i sat outside this morning with my morning coffee and setting intention for the day, I was inspired to take it a step further tomorrow morning. Just as your Leo needs sun, my Mars in Leo needs re-charged by Sun. I am so encouraged by what you wrote because it seems there are a number of people who are having gatherings either today or tomorrow. Tomorrow would have been my Dad’s 82nd birthday, and his presence was so strong around me today. Every song on the radio, passing by things on country roads that made me remember specific things about him when I was small, and even a man looking somewhat like him when we stopped to get gas. So reading that you said Yes to having your ceremony this evening encouraged me to be “ready to discover new adventures and what new magic I can experience,” and to “reflect on what is not working in my life” and “where to pour my energy.” Well said. Thank You ! Oh, and two large crows are on the ground outside my window right now! 🙂

Lana, Thanks for your comment. I trust that your focus and attention was magical and meaningful to you. It is interesting that life can be experienced differently when we take on a different perspective of life events. Sharon

Like one of my very favorite quotes says, “What you see and what you hear depends on where you are standing. It also depends a great deal on what sort of person you are.” C.S. Lewis . Yep!

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