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Between the time you hear the buzz of your alarm and you reach over to hit the snooze button, your mind is off and running. It races through the list of things you need to do first thing this morning, before you get out the door. You rush through your morning chores, taking care of the needs of the family, the children, the pets, and then, yourself. Then there is the list of things you didn’t get done yesterday, the errands that you can hopefully squeeze in at lunchtime, and remember that report due today at work. Oh yea, what’s for dinner? We jump into the day head first hoping that we can swim to the shore of tomorrow in one piece.

When you begin your day in this frenzied mind you are exhausted before your feet hit the floor. There must be a better way! There is. I call it “begin within.”

I am sure that at sometime in your life you have a memory of feeling peace. Maybe it happened when you sat quietly drinking a cup of coffee or tea, enjoying its flavor. Perhaps it was when you sat on the park bench watching the squirrels play the birds feeding. If you practice yoga you may have felt peaceful as you sat in quiet reflection.

There is a peace that we can all experience. Peace begins within. If you want to have peace in your day you must cultivate it by taking time to begin within. It only takes a few minutes everyday to build a relationship with your peaceful heart. Sitting quietly in contemplation with your mind focused on your heart, even if it is in the time between the alarm and the snooze, is enough time to make a huge difference in the way your day flows.

Move through your day differently. Instead of praying that you arrive at the shore of tomorrow in one piece, begin within and feel the Oneness of a Peace.


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