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I hear you. Someone made a comment that these abundance practices are simple. So simple that you may not want t do them. Are you thinking the same thing?  Yes, these are the basics.  “Yea, yea, yea, I know this stuff, tell me something new.”  My question to you is, do you practice the basics? Sometimes we overlook the most simple things we can do to get us in the flow because we believe we have to engineer an elaborate plan to make it happen. Often times the plans get so elaborate that we are overwhelmed before we even begin. 

Getting back to the basics and is the true key to living in abundance. Remember we defined abundance as enough and more, feelings of peace, joy, love and freedom. True abundance is having those feelings “no matter what!” Because of the Universal Law of Attraction, when we get our minds focused and tap into the feelings of abundance, the external world reflects that. Since living in the flow is natural.  Basics is important.

Abundance is about receiving and giving. Today is your day to give. Consciously focus on giving today. Give compliments, courtesy, support. On your travels today, bless the cars sitting at the traffic light or passing you on the highway. Bless your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Mentally say “Blessings” or “bless you” today as your day unfolds. Pay attention to how abundant you feel.

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I trust you were able to let go of at least 5 items. I know it doesn’t seem like much but I assure you the energy is 10 fold. Don’t stop here, continue to let go of at least 5 items weekly. 

Letting go is only one half of living in  the flow of abundance. The other half is receiving. Consciously be a gracious receiver today. When given a compliment or someone does a favor for you, accept it with a “thank you.” Pay attention to how you may want to give something back in return. Practice accepting more fully.

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I had a comment from yesterday’s blog about feeling more abundant by giving things away. The ideas I am presenting about abundance introduce us to the idea that abundance is the feeling we get when we are living in the flow. This may  be easier to understand if we think of life’s energy like a river.

When the river is flowing there is perfect balance in the ecology around the river. The waters of the river bring nourishment that supports the plants, animals and humans that use that river of life to sustain them. And life is happy.

If the river begins to dry up all hell breaks loose because now there is lack and limited supply. Beginning with the humans, they begin to hoard and fight for their share.  Happiness leaves and it  becomes a competition, each person for themself.  Soon waters are directed  into individual storage areas. If  the waters stop flowing in these individual areas, it will  become stale and stagnant and is no longer able to support life.

When we hold onto things that are broken, useless, and that we don’t need. like, or want we   stop the flow of the river. Slowly life can become stale, stagnant and unhappy. It’ gets harder to feel abundant. Clearing out opens us to the flow once again. And we can begin to see life growing and fell happy and experience more abundance.

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If you can feel the abundance by living in the flow then how can you get into the flow more?

Choosing the physical level first because the world outside is what you focus on the most.  Take a look around your world. What is blocking your abundant flow?

Begin with the items that are in site. Choose 5 , more if you are on a roll or dying of thirst, that you no longer need, want, or use. Your choices are  GIVE, SELL, RECYCLE, TRASH.  Personally, I get great pleasure placing items along the curve with a sign “FREE.” If it’s a real treasure, I love to watch the faces of people when they stop to load it in their car and imagine them sharing their joy – feel their abundance –  when they tell their friends about the treasure they found on the side of the road….and it was free! That really gets my abundance flowing. Doubles the pleasure for both of us.

What are your 5 items?

Living at YES!


I believe the Universe is the infinite supply of energy that is ever-expanding and in constant motion. 

So when I open the tap by getting into the feeling of abundance – peace, love, joy, freedom, even asking for what I desire – there is no option for the Universe to respond with, “sorry you can’t have that, there is not enough, you have too much already, I’ll get to you later.”  

When I use my mind to open the tap, to tune into the feeling of abundance, it is there energetically flooding every cell of my being.  The Universe is actually doing what it is designed to do – EXPAND!

And when I keep the tap closed or at a slow drip because, “how can I feel peace when so many others don’t?” or “how can I have more, when so many others have nothing.?” I am actually taking myself out of the flow and shutting down the Divine creativity of the expanding Universe that WANTS to flow through me.

The choice is yours!

Questions and comments welcomed.

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Yesterday I had several  conversations about defining abundance.

Is abundance a feeling? Is it an energy? Do the “things” that appear in our life that “make us feel” abundant show up because we feel abundant or is it because we feel abundant that things appear?  Good question. I think it is both, two sides of the same coin.  It is easier to feel joy when joyful things are happening. It is easier to feel prosperous when our financial needs are met.  

The Universe is made up of energy. There is an  infinite supply of energy in the Universe that is in constant motion and always expanding.  Abundance is what we feel when we are living in the flow.  When we are feeling limited, lacking creativity, or experiencing that there’s not enough, we have slowed the flow. The flow of Universal energy always was and always will be. Slowing the flow is like turning the handle of the faucet.  Our thoughts, words and actions opens or closes the faucet. 

How is abundance flowing for you today?  Is your facet turned on full or is it turned down to a trickle?

Thanks for sharing your comments.

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I am beginning a daily series about living in abundance.  My intention is to write short and mighty articles that will give you the ideas, tools, thoughts and practices to support you living in abundance. 

Let’s begin by defining abundance.  I often pose this question to the audience when giving a presentation. Here are some of the answers I’ve received.  Some of them may surprise you.

Abundance is: 

  • Having enough money and more
  • Knowing there is plenty
  • Flowing creativity
  • Living in Joy
  • Feeling Peace
  • Celebrating Freedom
  • Feeling connected to family and friends and others
  • Having choices
  • Feeling great about life
  • Living a passionate life

The question for you today –  How do you define abundance?

Living at YES!


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