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Between the time you hear the buzz of your alarm and you reach over to hit the snooze button, your mind is off and running. It races through the list of things you need to do first thing this morning, before you get out the door. You rush through your morning chores, taking care of the needs of the family, the children, the pets, and then, yourself. Then there is the list of things you didn’t get done yesterday, the errands that you can hopefully squeeze in at lunchtime, and remember that report due today at work. Oh yea, what’s for dinner? We jump into the day head first hoping that we can swim to the shore of tomorrow in one piece.

When you begin your day in this frenzied mind you are exhausted before your feet hit the floor. There must be a better way! There is. I call it “begin within.”

I am sure that at sometime in your life you have a memory of feeling peace. Maybe it happened when you sat quietly drinking a cup of coffee or tea, enjoying its flavor. Perhaps it was when you sat on the park bench watching the squirrels play the birds feeding. If you practice yoga you may have felt peaceful as you sat in quiet reflection.

There is a peace that we can all experience. Peace begins within. If you want to have peace in your day you must cultivate it by taking time to begin within. It only takes a few minutes everyday to build a relationship with your peaceful heart. Sitting quietly in contemplation with your mind focused on your heart, even if it is in the time between the alarm and the snooze, is enough time to make a huge difference in the way your day flows.

Move through your day differently. Instead of praying that you arrive at the shore of tomorrow in one piece, begin within and feel the Oneness of a Peace.


On Sunday, a group of friends and I traveled to Monkton,MD to go tubing on the Gunpowder River.  Soon after we got into the water Kim shared how she saw floating on this river as an analogy of traveling through life. I readily agreed. I have taught this concept many times.

My experience of living is exactly like floating down the river of life. I believe that as I travel down the river of my life, the people, situations, answers, desires and needs are all lining up along the banks waiting my arrival. I am provided for in abundance.  All my needs, even the ones I don’t know about, will be provided for in perfect timing.  The key is that I need to stay in the flow, pay attention, and be willing to receive.

 It was a beautiful day, Gunpowder was low and the float was slow. We put in the water about 11:30 a.m. This was my first trip on this river so I had no idea how far we were from the take-out point where we planned to have lunch at the organic café. I ate breakfast about 7:00 a.m. and by 2:00 p.m. I was hungry. I didn’t bring any snacks and I could feel my blood sugar level dropping.

Suddenly, as I was turned around by the water flowing between two rocks,  I “happened” to see something floating on the river bank. “What is that?” I said out loud.  “Can it be?”  Floating on the bank of the river was a pack of  Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Crackers!  Thank you God!” was my prayer as I made my way to the shore. They were perfectly sealed and intact and even a healthy choice. I graciously received this gift continuing on the float filling my stomach and my heart.  I was very grateful that a need that I did not know I had when the trip began was met in perfect timing.

 I am always amazed at how life can unfold and the gifts we are given, when we stay in the flow, pay attention, and are willing to receive.  Enjoy your journey down the river of life.


I had a dream and I was reading this poem.

What would you say if you God were more than your voice?

What would you hear if you God were more than your hearing?

What would you see if you God were more than your vision?

What would you do if you God were more than your actions?

Several years ago I stayed at a friend’s home while traveling in California. On her piano was a beautiful scarf and many pieces of gorgeous jewelry displayed. We ate meals served on Waterford China and drank water from crystal goblets. She used her very best for everyday.

What do you have stored in the attic or back in the closet that is your very best? Are you storing it so it doesn’t get broken or soiled? Are you not wearing a favorite article of clothing because you fear that you may spill something on it?   When we do anything out of fear we are stopping our flow of abundance.

Do a check-in.  What are you holding onto out of fear?

You may want to begin using the item or displaying it in some way.  You may also want to clear away the fear. Creat another belief about those items that you have fear attached. Preserving an heirloom is better than storing so it doesn’t get broken. Clear the fear.

Living at YES!


Look down. Pay attention to the gifts of the Universe today by looking on the ground. See what’s there for you. I love it when I focus my day on picking up the gifts sprinkled on the ground. Many times its a coin. Once I found 25 pennies in one area! Some days it office supplies. Paperclips, rubber bands,  pens are there for you receiving. Many times we look, evaluate if it is worth bending over for a paperclip or penny, then walk away.

Consider them gifts and make a game of it today. Collect all your gifts in one place and see what treasures the Universe give you! This is another way we can acknowledge that we are living in the flow.

Living at YES!


Abundance and money go hand in hand. Since today is “tax day” a few words about money. Money is   currency is energy. When you are giving and receiving money you are exchanging currency, you are exchanging energy. And living in the flow is being the channel through which the energy of live moves.

Today as you exchange currency when you write your checks, make your purchases, think about money, consciously be aware that you are exchanging energy and living in the flow. Pay attention to your thoughts.  Are they about abundance, having enough energy or are they about lack and fear?  

Living at YES!


Today let’s cultivate the flow of abundance. Consciously open your heart, mind, mouth, your thoughts, words and actions to the flow of abundance. Observe yourself giving and receiving.  Use affirmations today that remind you that you live in the flow of abundance.

“I live in the flow of abundance.”  “I give and receive with ease.”  “I live in the flow.”

Repeating affirmations does several things. It creates new thought patterns in your mind. It creates new energy patterns in your aura. I creates new pathways in your brain that create hormones, chemicals that change the way you feel and the emotions you experience.

Remember that many of us live in what I call “default” programming. We go back to the ways we were programmed to experience life from childhood. When making a change, it is important to put forth extra effort in the beginning of the change so that the brain and chemistry of the body changes fully.

Live in the flow of abundance fully today.

Living at YES!


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